Microsoft Certified PartnerEMETEK is a premier IT solution provider specializing in systems design, disaster prevention and recovery, troubleshooting and application customization and support.

A reliable, scalable, computing environment depends upon solid building blocks. We have vast expertise in best of breed products which we put to use as your offsite IT team.
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The Microsoft Software Platform

  • Small Business Server
  • Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS
  • Office, Windows Server

Software is the most important component in any IT system. It is complex, and seldom will a standard installation will be optimal from a performance or security standpoint. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and use it to build a reliable software platform.

Servers & Workstations

  • HP Partner
  • Dell

Safety Net

Symantec Backup Exec

symantec enterprise sales partnerThe painful truth about backups: everything works fine until you try to restore crucial data! The goal of a good backup strategy is fail-safe disaster recovery. Backup Exec promotes this philosophy.
Of course, the best approach is to prevent disasters altogether, and APC’s line of power conditioning and backup products is what we recommend to do just that.

Symantec Endpoint Security

It never ceases to amaze us that a huge industry is built around the senseless desire to cause damage to others property. But it’s a reality we have to live with and plan for. Symantec Endpoint Security protects the entire network starting at the gateway, e-mail that is essential but notorious for carrying viruses, and down to every desktop. Central distribution of timely virus definitions and easy central management promote our confidence in this solution.

Battery Backup (UPS – uninterruptible Power Supply)

  • APC Authorized Reliability Provider
    APC Reliability Provider
  • Eaton PowerAdvantage Authorized Partner
    EATON Authorized Partner

Firewalls and Networking Equipment

  • SonicWall Partner (CSSA)
  • Cisco
  • Netgear
  • D-Link Reseller

The Internet

  • DSL, T1 and other access
  • E-Mail, Domain Registration, DNS
  • Web Hosting

WWW CloudThe Internet – rich in content and dangerous! Get help with ordering xDSL or T1 sevice that is configured correctly. Connect branch offices together with Virtual Private Networks. Register domain names and setup company-wide E-mail. Allow remote access for telecommuters working from home.

Designing network security is a delicate balancing act between keeping out intruders yet providing easy access for authorized users. Get the most out of basic protection built into DSL routers from Netopia or opt for industrial strength firewalls and VPN’s from networking giant Cisco. For dedicated firewalls, the product of choice for us is SonicWALL with a rich set of features, easy configuration and good performance.